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Calie's Chrome Chaos Concept CGC


6/6/06 - 3/20/13

Calie's Chrome Chaos Concept CGC "Conner"

Conner was one of the most beautiful souls I ever met. A soul mate and friend with whom we often seemed to be able to read each otherĀ“s thoughts. I will always love you Con Man, I will always cherish every second we had together and never will stop the work, the purpose, the journey you helped me to set out on. I love and miss you so much. My heart is completely broken, but I am and will forever be grateful to God for blessing me with you to share your life with me, for being here for me. Thank you for everything, my love. Rest in so much deserved peace, my beautiful friend, my peaceful warrior, my wonderful companion, my wise teacher, my funny boy, my amazing, wonderful, super strong and magical dog. My Miracle Dog. I wish I could say more, write something extraordinary in your honor, but all I can think of is the unbearable void here, now and for a long time to come. And about the beauty of your eyes, your face, your doggie smile, your whole being. About how many peopl and other dogs, you met and touched. I love you so much my special boy. Until we meet again, you will live in my heart every second of my life until its very last beat.

Conner was a Swedish import co-owned with Penny Harney (Pinafore Standard Poodles). Conner had a lovely head, lots of coat, stylish conformation but most of all he had high intelligence and an awesome personality.

Conner was my foundation dog and what a perfect foundation dog he was even though he was only with me for 3 1/2 years!

Conner passed his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test with ease after only working at home with him for a few days. He was so sweet and intuitive he was great at cheering people up and soaking up all the affection they had to give him.

Therapy Dog Prayer

Creator of all things, grant us humility that the works we behold with our eyes, through our Therapy Dogs, we may accept in our hearts, as a revelation of your love for all humanity

You can view Conner's health clearances at the OFA website and his pedigree HERE and/or on the Poodle Pedigree site

Conner after a trim

Below are pictures of Conner's sire and dam:

Calie's Confirm The Chrome Chaos (Dam)

Oline Silver Tommy (Sire)

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