Custom Made Beaded Show Leads

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Lucky Dog Show Lead

Custom Made To Order Show Leads

Lucky Dog- Custom Kangaroo Leather Leads, only the highest quality of workmanship available - Economically!

We believe that as your best friend and, at times, your sole companion that will stand by you, your dog deserves only the best!

Trina makes her braided, beaded, show leads in various lengths, colors, beads and styles.

She will custom design and hand braid your lead to YOUR specifications.

Each lead is unique in it's own way ranging from simple to full of BLING - your choice.

Prices vary depending on length, bead type, and or lead end. (snap, loop, resco type, or martingale)

If you prefer, there is an "in stock" inventory of leads ranging from already made which you may view Here.

Below are just a small sampling of her beautiful work.
Please visit her site to see more leads in stock or to be inspired with ideas for a custom lead just for your special dog:

Please Email Trina or visit her website for more information or to place your custom order.