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Dry Dog Food

Please Click HERE for Recommended Dry Foods

I personally believe that Dry Kibble or any processed food is NOT the best you can give your dog nutritionally. Even with the very best and most organic ingredients, it is still processed at very high temperatures which destroy the essential amino acids, vitamins, etc. The only true nutrition available in kibble is the (most often used)synthetic vitamin mixture that is sprayed on at the end of processing just prior to packing.

I believe that a quality well balanced Raw, Species Appropriate diet is the best we can do for our dogs as it mimics what they would eat in the wild and is what God created them to eat.

Please read Dr Jeannie's articles on why dogs should be fed whole foods, especially raw meat and bones:
Dogs Are Carnivores
Species Appropriate Nutrition

Please Note: It is important for you to know that dog's were not designed to digest grains and most vegetables.
All the pet food recalls and a great deal of the allergies and digestive problems with pets,come from eating commercial kibble and contaminated grains used in the foods.

The primary ingredient in most all dry commercial pet foods is not protein but cereal/grains. Corn and wheat are the most common grains used but, as with the meat sources, the nutritious parts of the grain are generally present only in trace amounts. The corn gluten meal or wheat middling and gluten added to pet foods are the leftovers or by-products left after the grain have been processed for human use, containing little to NO nutritional value at all. Or they may be grain that is too moldy for humans to eat, so it's incorporated into pet food.

Mycotoxins, potentially deadly fungal toxins that multiply in moldy grains, have been found in pet foods in recent years. In 1995, Nature's Recipe recalled tons of their dog food after dogs became ill from eating it. The food was found to contain vomitoxin, a mycotoxin. In 2005/2006, Diamond Pet Foods had to recall their foods due to aflatoxin contamination.

In 2007 we had a HUGE recall of foods produced and/or manufactured by Menu Foods and a few others due to toxins in the wheat gluten.

Articles on grains in dog foods
Grains In Commercial Pet Foods
More About Grains

Having said all of that, I also understand that feeding a species appropriate or biologically appropriate raw food diet is not easy for for some to accept for their dogs. Please, read the above articles and do some research.

While some of you may still not be comfortable feeding your dogs raw meat and bones, almost anything you can do to add live enzymes, fish oil supplements with Omega 3 fatty acids non processed cooked meats and organs along with probiotics to your dog's food will be extremely beneficial.

In fact, if you feed anything other then a raw diet to your dogs it is critical that you supplement your dog with EFAs, Enzymes, Vitamins, Trace Minerals and probiotics. See Dr Jeannie's recommended supplements here.

Cooking for dogs is even healthier then feeding Kibble! If you still don't have the time or means to prepare home a cooked diet for your dogs, The Whole Dog does offer only what we consider to be the very best,in freeze dried, dehydrated raw and organic, healthy Kibbles. (please click on the category above or below to see our recommendations)

If you would like to learn more about feeding your dog a raw or home cooked diet, Dr Jeannie is available for Consultations. There is also lot of great information on line at forums and in emoil groups (not to mention several great books on how to feed a raw diet to your dog.

Here is just a small list here to help get you started:
Whole Dog Forums
The Many Myths of Raw Feeding
The SARF Diet
Raw Feeding FAQ
Switching To Raw
Books On Raw & Natural Diets

If you can not feed your dog a raw meat and bones diet or at the very least a lightly cooked meat diet with supplements, these the only dry dog foods that do not contain grains or grain by-products that have been effected in the recall that I feel can safely recommend.

(I have done my own food trials with these foods in the past and have found them to be the only ones to not contain grains and too many vegetables that cause the least amount of digestive problems and allergies.

NOTE: Again, please supplement your dogs at the very least with probiotics and enzymes when you feed a cooked, dry and/or processed food.

Recommended Dry Foods

Great Life Grain Free Diets

  • Grain & White Potato Free, No Fillers, by-Products, No Soy, Beet Pulp, Rice or Dairy Products. Fully Digestible Raw Food Layered on Kibble. No Refrigeration Needed, Full Active Nutrition!

    Ziwi Peak Diets

    • ZiwiPeak pet food only use premium, all-natural ingredients that are ranch-raised (free of antibiotics and hormones) on New Zealand's green fields, or fished from its clear blue waters. Only ingredients 'passed fit for human consumption' make the grade, with no colors, preservatives, fillers or grains.Food is gently air dried not extruded or cooked.

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