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Raw Frozen Food


We highly recommend a Fresh raw prey model diet for your dog. However, If this is not possible, we are proud to offer a couple of great frozen, raw, prepared diets.

"Many people new to feeding raw worry about it being time consuming and hard to make nutrionally complete. Completely Convenient, Grandads and Raw Advantage frozen foods make feeding a "natural" raw foods diet easy.

Despite what many makers of conventional canned or dry pet foods would have you believe, raw diets for dogs are not a modern fad, but a return to the dog's not-so-distant past. Dogs are indeed still carnivores

While many who advocate "biologically appropriate raw foods" (so-called BARF diets) for dogs point to the canine's evolutionary diet as justification for this feeding paradigm, the fact is that dogs were thriving on bones and raw meats less a hundred years ago - not so long as to imagine that they have since "evolved" out of easily digesting these foods! Kibble and canned, if anything, constitute the modern feeding "fad."

Since most of the frozen prepared raw diets on the market contain fruits and veggies that dogs do NOT need and can NOT digest properly, at this time we only offer the following which contain nothing but ground meats, organs and bones:

Reel Raw
Reel Raw. - Species Appropriate Diet is all natural, preservative free, raw meat for your carnivore!

Raw Advantage Organic Only Meat
Made with 100% fresh frozen USDA free range chicken, turkey, or beef and organ meats. No grains, fruit or veggies.

Please click on the product above to order and read the important information regarding local availability, packaging and shipping.

Thank You!