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This is the home page for the web ring "The Grey Parrots Ring".

This Web Ring is intended for people who have Grey Parrots and have a homepage, which is at least partly about their birds. A webring is a number of sites linked together so that each site in the ring can be visited, one after another. No matter where you start, you will eventually end up where you began. This is made possible by a short fragment of HTML code which the site owner pastes into his/her HTML page code.

There are only a few requirements you must meet to join this ring:
- Your page you but the web ring code on should be about your Grey Parrots.
- Your page needs to have all links and graphics working.

It is easy to join the ring. All you need to do is copy the code and paste it into your HTML document, making a few minor changes in the code in order to enable your site. You must also download the two graphics which go with the code. The graphics must be on your page, not linked to this one.

If you would like to join "The Grey Parrots Ring" Web Ring, click here. That will take you to a form to fill out. When the form is filled out and submitted to the Queue, you will be emailed the code fragment to insert into your page, along with your site ID. You can also download the code and the graphics here. If you experience problems using this form, please write to The Grey Parrots Ring Master.

After you have the code fragment in place on your page, email me and I will activate your site into the ring. Before being activated you must have the code and graphics in a place on your site which is easy to find. It should look like this:

This site of
The Grey Parrots Ring
is owned by

Do you want to join The Grey Parrots Ring?
Grey Parrot logos copyright 1998 by Corinna Engemann
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I am looking forward to welcoming you to the Grey Parrots Ring.

If you want to change the information given about your site, you can do it here.
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