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We are what is called Natural Rearing or Holistic Breeders.

Natural Rearing is simply utilizing and promoting the old, natural ways, which includes feeding a raw diet, supporting natural immunity and using safe/natural alternatives to chemicals, in order to give each dog the opportunity to live a long life of wellness and well being

Holistic or Natural Rearing essentially means doing everything for your dogs as closely to Nature as possible.

Boston Terriers are carnivores, and like thier wild cousins, should be fed a species appropriate diet using fresh raw meat and bones (organic whenever possible). With a raw diet as the basis for our dog's diets we ensure they have fresh, filtered well water, lots and lots of love, fresh air, exersise and sunshine to round it all out.

True Natural Rearing also involves not using any vaccines, but rather relying on the dogs' own natural immune responses and healing ability to get it through a disease cycle, along with the use of holistic (natural) medicinal help, be that herbs,homeopathy, colloidal silver use, acupuncutre, chiropractic or any other holistic modality when needed.

We have been naturally rearing our Boston Terriers since 1985

We do not vaccinate our dogs (unless required by law) and will recomend the use of titers to check immunity and natural remedies if and when needed. Time and Science have shown that dogs that have had only a very limited amount or no vaccinations at all are healthier than those who have had their annual bundled vaccinations. At the time of this writing, Purdue University, is conducting a five year study and in only three and a half years they already have found that dogs who have had only one or two or NO vaccinations are in much better health than the dog that has had it's usual annual vaccinations. There is nothing in the science that indicates that dogs need their annual bundled vaccinations in fact, quite the opposite, science is proving they are more healthy when not getting vaccinations on a regular basis.

Please Consider These Things When Making Decisions About Vaccinating Your Dog:

Vaccines DO NOT Prevent Disease. A Healthy Immune System Prevents Disease.

Vaccines Cause Death, Acute and Chronic Disease in Susceptible Individuals/Dogs.

Vaccines Cause Changes in DNA and RNA, And The Negative Impact Can Be Passed On To The Next Generations.

The Distemper Virus Is No Longer Found In Its "Wild Form." Cases Of Distemper Today Are Vaccine Strains Of The Disease.

The Rabies Vaccine Produces The Most Adverse Affects In Dogs, With The Most Common Reaction Being Changes In Behavior/Temperament.

For more information on vaccinations, listen to Patricia Jordan, DVM talk about the dangers of vaccinating in her three part series on Animal Talk Naturally Radio Show

Part I
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I highly recommend the Audio program set: Pet Vaccines: What You Need to Know
This set contains Dr Stephen Blake, Dr Patricia Jordan and more!
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Please read:

How I Personally Feel About Vaccines

No Chemicals
Our dogs live in our "Healthy Home" as family members. We use no synthetic chemical cleaners of any kind in our house or around the yard. We never expose our dogs to chemical flea preventives, heartworm pills, chemical shampoos etc.

Genetic Testing
We screen our dogs for eye diseases using CERF Ophthalmalogic exams and Optigen for Genetic Testing and BAER testing for Deafness We also screen for Luxating Patellas (OFA-Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and OFA Cardiac conditions.

Emotional Well Being
When we have puppies, the pups are weaned naturally by thier Dam and socialized by the adults and to household events. Studys show that puppies that are taken from their Dam and littermates before 10- 12 weeks often have not learned important life skills or how to be submissive or cautious. Puppies require this time with their littermates to learn the skills of getting along with strangers, both human and animals

Particular attention is paid to ensure our dogs and puppies are happy, well adjusted and sound physically, mentally, emotionally. We place particular emphasis on correct movement and temperament both of which are noted health indicators.

Our Bostons are thriving from Natural Rearing. Many times, spectators at the shows or out in the park comment on the looks and vitality of our dogs. I have had a few judges in the show ring say things like "I cannont put my finger on it, but your dogs just glow!"

We don't purport to infer that Natural Rearing is a cure for anything or everything. However, we do feel is that it is an optimal method of feeding and rearing (nutrients being very available, high in micro nutrients, and generally easily absorbed) which raises and maintains the dogs overall general health which in turn means the dog's immune system will work at an optimal level as well.

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