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Music For Pets

Music has a powerful effect on our pet's health, physically, emotionally and mentally. Through the science of Music Therapy, stress is relieved, blood pressure and heartrate are lowered, emotions are stabilized, and mood is elevated.

Harmonic music with pleasant sounding chords of piano and strings, cellos who's size and reverberating chamber produces tones that resonate within the body to provide overtones and undertones that resonate sympathetically. The higher purer tones of the flute create a sympathetic resonance which reverberates into deeper levels and the responses can be in the range of pure joy and happiness. The reactions release hormones that rid the pet of stress, elevate mood and provide a sense of well being.

Some animal behaviorists and many lay people are finding that music has a calming effect on animals, it is known to:
calms and soothe
quiets kennels
calms during thunder storms
calms during and after an operation or sickness
aids sleeping disorders
aids in emotional stress when settling into a new home
soothes when being left alone

Sound Therapy
Keren Bellos
Pets & Vets Magazine, Vol 1, Issue 9, 1999
Sound Therapy Article Here

Here is some great music for our pets!