HELLO, my name is Nicodemus. All my friends call me Nick or Nicky for short. I am a Congo African Grey who was hatched and hand raised in Northern California on November 8, 1994.

Mom says I was a very precious, little heart breaker when I first came into her world. Of course I was! I still am!

I was pretty cute, huh?

I always love it when my brother "Jake" comes to visit and spends some quiet time with me!

Now I am all grown up and I love to sit on my "tree",look out the window and whistle along with the wild birds or better yet go out on the porch in the morning to stretch my wings and soak up the sunshine and fresh air while I talk with my wild bird friends.

I LOVE to tell our Boston Terriers what to do and know them all by name. I even used to give commands in German to my "Uncle Lorin's" German Shepherd Dog, "Naomi" whom I miss now that she gone.

I am very musically talented, I can sound just like a piano or a flute and I am working on my violin. I just love classical music!

African Greys are very SPECIAL but not for everyone.

“African Greys are incredibly endearing and complicated creatures. Their strength of high intelligence and sensitivity can also be a weakness, if they’re not properly nurtured. It takes a lot of effort and commitment to be a good "pet human" companion to an African Grey, but any human owned by a Grey will tell you it’s worth it.” Maggie Wright

My mom is a doctor of veterinary naturopathy, an Animal Nutrition and Natural Animal Care Consultant as well as a Natural Animal Care Educator. If you want your human family to know how to care for you more naturally and keep you in tip top of the tree shape, you can request a consultation HERE

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