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About Dr. Jeannie Thomason

Dr.Jeannie With "Joey"

NRBA founder, Jeannie Thomason,CVND is a Certified Veterinary/Animal Naturopath, Small Animal Nutritionist,Natural Animal Health Coach, Published Author, and a Natural Rearing Breeder of Champion Boston Terriers and Standard Poodles. She graduated from Kingdom College of Natural Health with her doctorate in Veterinary Naturopathy where she continues to work as an adjunct professor.

Dr. Jeannie is the co-founder and vice president of the and also co-hosts on the popular internet radio show, Animal Talk Naturally which can be heard live every Wednesday at 11:30 AM Pacific time/2:30 PM Eastern time at www.blogtalkradio.com/animaltalknaturally

Founder of The Whole Dog and The Natural Rearing Breeders Association. Dr.Jeannie believes that the health and overall potential of dogs, like humans and other living organisms, rests on the cornerstones of nutrition, emotional well-being and a clean, toxin free living environment. She teaches that once these are aligned we have not only a vibrant, fully realized animal, but a beginning - a framework for developing more of their abilities while at the same time we are giving back to them in terms of length and quality of life.

Dr.Jeannie believes that breeding dogs is not a right, but a privilege. As such there are responsibilities incumbent upon anyone who undertakes to do so. These responsibilities include the stewardship and preservation of the breed. What benefits the dogs must take precedence over what benefits the people. "Dog breeding is not simply mating top dog A with top bitch B.

"I fully believe that as responsible breeders, it is our duty to research pedigrees, do breed specific health testing and verify the outstanding qualities and dreaded faults of particular lines. Breeding for one distinct trait or breeding simply to make money are both reprehensible practices. Breeding must entail the complete package, from nose to tail. Health, balance and symmetry enhance the quality of any dog. We must move forward, ever learning from each other, while developing the basic outline of our future stars.

For me, Natural Rearing is a commitment to a WAY of life,there is NO in-between. For me, there is no turning back, no regrets with this path; only the rewards of healthier longer lived dogs."

Dr.Jeannie Thomason

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