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I am a veterinary naturopath that has been breeding Boston Terriers since 1985 and have produced healthy, sound dogs that have grown into Conformation champions, Agility titled dogs, Obedience titled, Rally titled, certified animal assisted Therapy dogs and wonderful, long lived Companions.

My Boston Terriers are my - teachers, soul mates, bringers of daily joy, and dearest of companions. It is my hope that when you adopt one of our Boston Terriers that you will realize the same joy and companionship from them that we have.

I believe in and practice Natural Rearing. This means I feed a species appropriate,raw diet, do not use toxic harmful chemicals in, on, or around my Bostons, including pesticides or vaccinations and I use natural/holisitc veterinary care when needed.

I believe that breeding dogs is not a right, but a privilege and as such there are responsibilities incumbent upon anyone who undertakes to do so. These responsibilities include the stewardship of the breed. What benefits the over all health and welfare of the dogs must take precedence over what benefits the people.

Each one of our Bostons has brought us more joy than we ever imagined or hoped for.

The Boston Terriers you will see in this web site are a treasured part of our lives. They bring us joy, teach us lessons about life and give love to all who know them.

All of our dogs are CERF, BAER , Cardiac and Patella OFA tested!

We work hard to insure that all of our dogs are certified free of inheritable defects.


Dr Jeannie & Joey
Dr Jeannie w/CH KC's Son Of A Gun For JeanE , ROM

Our Bostons live in the house with us so we limit the number of dogs that we do have and limit litters available. Whether your needs are for a companion, a performance dog or show dog, our pups are placed in homes under the premise that they are family members first and secondly used for whatever job or activity that the owner requires.

So many times I hear prospective dog owners say, "I am only looking for a pet, I don't need a puppy from a breeder that shows dogs. I am not looking for a show dog." But it does matter! It is the show breeders who love and are committed to the breed, have a responsibility to support and safeguard the future health and heritage of the dogs and their ancestors. Breeding or buying "just a pet" will not do that. A breeder that does not health test and show their dogs is not passionate about the future of the breed and can not nor will they stand behind the genetic health of the puppies they sell.

As a responsible breeder, it is my duty to research pedigrees and verify the health and outstanding qualities and any dreaded faults of particular lines. Breeding for one distinct trait or breeding simply to make money are both reprehensible practices. Breeding must entail the complete package, from nose to tail. Health, balance and symmetry enhance the quality of any dog.

My goal is to breed genetically sounder dogs with each generation who are true to the breed standard.

My foundation stock was chosen for health, long life, beauty and temperament. Our Boston's have highly researched blood-lines and are tested to exclude subluxated patella's, juvenile cataracts, heart problems and Deafness.

In my Bostons, I focus first on health, then character, style, type and form. I CERF test my dogs annually and all adults have been BAER tested along with Cardiac and Patella's OFA normal before they are bred.

JeanE's Bostons aims particularly for healthy, well-mannered, socialized family members that meet the standard. Our puppies are HOME raised with lots of love, attention, early socialization and exercise/play time in the fresh country air.

For us, Natural Rearing is a commitment to a WAY of life,there is NO in-between. For us there is no turning back, no regrets with this path; only the rewards of healthier longer lived dogs.

We prefer to find homes for our puppies that will provide the same natural care for them that we do. We will mentor those who are new to this path. We give life long support to all puppy buyers

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Champion Stud Service

Show and Companion Puppies available on occasion

Nutrition and Natural Animal Health Care Consultations


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