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All of the puppies and/or dogs on this page are currently available (or deposits are being taken on puppies).

Puppies and/or adults listed here may be available from other breeders. Our puppies (JeanE's) will state they are ours. :-)

12 month old, beautiful, tiny female - see more information under Young Adults below:

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Young Adults or Retired Dogs

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~ Puppies ~

We have no puppies available at this time. Please check our links page for contact information to recommended, reputable breeders.

Please Note!JeanE's Boston Terrier puppies come from RAW fed parents and are weaned onto a species appropriate RAW diet as well. All our dogs and puppies receive Natural care and are naturally raised for ultimate health and longevity. All puppies who remain Naturally Raised and RAW fed in their new homes will come with a 3 year health guarantee and lifetime breeder support.

For more information please email us at [email protected] and/ or fill out and application and email to same address.

If you are interested in a puppy we currently have available or would like to be on our waiting list, you may download an application Here

If you don't have the time to raise a puppy but still would love to have a special Boston Terrier, please see the wonderful young adult Bostons below...

~ Young Adults or Retired Show Dogs ~

Pictures coming soon

Mira (short for Miracle) just turned one year old but she will always look like a puppy! It is a miracle she is alive - she is tiny in stature but HUGE in personality and zest for life.

Mira can not control her bladder very well and either needs to have access to a doggie door or be let out every couple of hours. She has to be diapered at night or sleep on towels you don't mind washing daily. Other than that she is pretty healthy little girl.

Mira is only available to a home that will keep her on a raw diet and not vaccinate or use chemicals on her.

For more information on Mira, please email me at [email protected]


Why Should I adopt an older dog?

While Puppies go clear off the "cute factor" scale, they are works-in-progress, exciting yet difficult to predict, nonstop fun but also frequently frustrating. It requires much time, patience and understanding to forge the kind of bond with puppies that we take for granted with our more mature canine friends.

Mature dogs have many advantages over puppies. Probably the biggest advantage is that you will create a partnership much sooner, and they have already adjusted to routines. Older dogs adjust easier to your schedule, you sleep in--they sleep in, which works out great for everybody.

All the hard work is done. they have been house trained and can go much longer between going out to "go". Unlike puppies, adults have larger bladders and more control when it comes to bathroom trips, this means you can be away from home a little longer.

No teething problems: As most people know, puppies start teething around 4 months or so and when they do, LOOK OUT. Its like they turn into little beavers or something. They want to chew carpet, rugs, chairs, tables, and just about anything they can get into thier mouths. Older dogs have passed that stage and no longer chew things to relieve the pain of teething. You also shouldn't have trouble with mouthing of your hands and feet from an adult dog, unlike puppies.

With a adult dog, you know what you are getting. You know exactly what size, exactly what temperament, and exactly what personality they have. Where as puppies may start out one way, and end up another depending on development during puppyhood. And isn't it nice to know exactly what to expect when you get home?

Adult dogs are calmer than puppies, though none the less active at play time. Instead of wandering the house constantly looking for something to do with their short attention span like puppies, older dogs are content to play when its time to play, and curl up and nap when it isn't. So if you don't have time for them right at the moment, they will take the opportunity to take a nice nap until you do.

In addition to easier housebreaking, training is easier too. And in some cases, adult dogs may come with their own vocabulary of tricks already. Adult dogs have longer attention spans, and can be more easily trained than puppies can. Which makes training much less frustrating to both the new owner and the dog.

~ Other ~

These are Boston Terriers available from other REPUTABLE breeders.

Nothing at this time....

~ Rescue Dogs ~

* For links to rescue organizations and more information on rescue, click HERE