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Dr. Jeannie Thomason
Certified Animal Naturopath
Specializing in carnivore nutrition and aromatherapy

Nutritional deficiencies slowly progress until the animal develops one health crisis after another.

According to Veterinary Pet Insurance, Inc. the 10 most common claims the company receives are conditions they consider to be related to accidents or illness.

Here's the List:
1. Ear infection
2. Stomach inflammation
3. Skin irritation
4. Tumors/growth
5. Skin infection/hot spots
6. Urinary tract infection
7. Osteoarthritis
8. Hypothyroidism
9. Inflammation of intestinal tract
10. Soft tissue trauma
1. Urinary tract infection
2. Stomach inflammation
3. Kidney disease
4. Abscess
5. Diabetes
6. Hyperthyroidism
7. Inflamed colon
8. Conjunctivitis
9. Ear infection
10. Skin irritations

Dr Jeannie believes these conditions can be eliminated when a preventative nutrition plan is put in place and the over-use of medications and vaccinations is stopped.

Naturopathy is not a single modality of healing, but lifestyle that incorporates nature's array of healing modalities, including nutrition; aromatherapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy; hydrotherapy or other natural modalities.

"Remedies from chemicals will never stand in favorable comparison with the products of Nature, the living cell of a plant, the final result of the rays of the sun, the mother of all life."
~ Thomas A. Edison

Authorized distributor for Young Living Essential Oils

The American Council of Animal Naturopathy has intensive study courses available in small animal naturopathy and carnivore nutrition. Learn moreHERE

Writer for Raw Instincts Magazine


About Dr. Jeannie

Are you confused by the ever-growing maze of natural health modalities? Are you giving your dog one thing after another and still not seeing good results? Have you consulted with numerous conventional veterinary practitioners and your pet is still not well?

With a better knowledge of nutrition fundamentals and natural remedies used when indicated, the animals in our lives can live longer, happier, healthier lives.

Dr. Jeannie Thomason is a certified, animal naturopath who has been educating dog owners and providing naturopathic ( holistic, natural) animal care since 2003 via her consultations, articles, webinars and this website . She also offers tested and proven, natural products when necessary.

Dr. Jeannie believes that we need to ask ourselves "What is in it for our pets?" Let's take ourselves out of the equation and honestly ask - what is truly the best lifestyle, diet, relationship for our companion animal? What is best for the pet, as meets their species specific needs?

As an animal naturopathic practitioner, Dr. Jeannie’s goal is to help you detect the root cause of your pet’s physical, emotional and/or behavior problem and then use nature's laws of health and remedies to assist your pet's own immune system to re-balance, harmonize and then maintain health.

Her focus is on putting the animal's needs first by taking a "wholistic" or naturopathic approach and honoring him as the species he is. Honoring the pet as such is by far the best gift you can give him.

Having worked with several species of animals for decades, Dr. Jeannie specializes in species specific nutrition and has a passion for dogs. She has noted an important fundamental–that left to their own resources or in the wild, animals tend to thrive. Sadly, it is in the care of people that things most often go wrong. Well-intentioned but misinformed animal owners are the cause of most nutritionally based, degenerative health problems due to lack of knowledge of true, species appropriate nutrition and the over-use of vaccines and chemicals.

Based on years of education, experience and scientific study, Dr. Thomason provides consultations and information on proper diet and care of your animal companion. She knows that communication requires clear understanding, so he provides the animal owner with the background information they require to properly provide for the needs of their pets. Dr. Jeannie Thomason brings a unique insight to evaluating animal feed and food products. Nutrition fundamentals are unchanging, and a clear understanding of the animals species is the key to vibrant health.

The aim of her consultations is to empower you, the owner/care giver with the knowledge and resources to manage the health and wellbeing of you pets via her consultations

Naturopathic/Holistic Dog Care

. While veterinary medicine is by nature crisis oriented, naturopathy is not.

For those who have only ever known conventional pet care methods, the natural approach may at first seem to go against almost everything you know. This is because conventional methods tend to have been developed from the human perspective and based on treating symptoms.

The truly holistic or naturopathic approach looks at and works with "the whole animal", in a natural way that ignites the body's internal healing force and stimulates its natural abilities to heal itself. To just eliminate the symptom is NOT the same as elimination of the cause or dis-ease that produced that symptom or symptoms in the first place.

While Dr. Jeannie's passion is to assist you in preventing health problems in your pets. Most of her clients have been owners of dogs, cats and parrots who have not improved with conventional veterinary treatments at their regular veterinarian.

More about Dr. Jeannie

Jeannie Thomason CVND, is a certified doctor of veterinary naturopathy, certified in small animal nutrition & aromatherapy with 30 years of practical experience in animal health, she has worked with animals holistically since 1984.

Having been a licensed veterinary technician, she later went on to earn her doctorate in veterinary naturopathy. Dr Jeannie is both qualified and adept at consulting and educating. Dr. Jeannie has written numerous peer reviewed articles which appear in Raw Instincts, Dogs Naturally, Pet Connection Canada, the National Breed Magazine for The Boston Terrier Club Of America - Coast To Coast, the Australian Terrier Club of America ATCA News, The Stafford Knot (Stafford Terrier breed publication), Animal Wellness magazine, Natural Horse and Bella Dog.

Dr. Thomason is also a host (along with her friend and colleague, Dr. Kim Bloomer) for the popular Internet radio show, Animal Talk Naturally and co-founder of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy

A natural rearing breeder for over 20 years, she is also the founder of the Natural Rearing Breeders Association, and is known to colleagues and friends as one who "walks her talk".

"But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea inform you. Which of these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this? In His hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all humankind." (Job 12:7-10)




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