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"A great dog is not defined by an absence of faults. A great dog is defined by the presence and strength of his virtues."
~ Joyce Avery

Poodles with a purpose - health, beauty and brains are our priority!

Owner, Breeder, Handler - Dr Jeanette (Jeannie) Thomason (veterinary naturopath)

Located in Northern California

As a veterinary naturopath, and natural rearing breeder, my desire is to build my foundation of excellence upon breeding for health, sound structure, temperament and beauty.

My husband and I are blessed to be able to live in beautiful northern California and in the country where the dogs can run and play in the fresh air and sunshine. Our Poodles are raised in our home and enjoy life as members of our family.

Our Standards are balanced, strong, gentle and intuitive, and their temperaments are exceptional.

We have learned to be objective with our dogs in our endeavor to breed quality. We separate our love for the individual from our honest evaluation of that dog's good and bad points. While we have been breeding dogs for over 25 years, we waited until we felt we had gained sufficient breed knowledge and had the time to spend grooming and showing Standard Poodles before we began looking to breed and start our own line.

Our goal is to produce poodles suitable for working, performance, conformation and healthy, long lived family companions; while working towards the eradication of health problems by naturally rearing and using the testing means available to us.

A NOTE ON BREEDING: We believe that one should always ask themselves - "Why should these two dogs be mated, what's the goal of crossing these two dogs? We do not believe that one should ever be breeding with the intent of creating 'just a pet' litter. Because breeding for that goal shows a total lack of understanding of breeding dogs in general. All animals deserve a long healthy life and should be raised on the best species appropriate diet possible while being raised in a clean, natural environment and screened for the genetic disorders that can be screened for.

All animals require proper structure in order to live comfortable lives. As an example. A straight shoulder angle isn't just a conformation fault, it's detrimental to the animals movement, function, and soundness. A dog with a straight shoulder angle will go lame from something as simple as a game of fetch or a nice family hike.

Breeding for 'just a pet' litter is the same as saying you are breeding for 'just a pasture ornament' horse. (i.e. something that physically can't do anything other than stand around and eat comfortably). No one would do that in horses, so why is it okay in dogs? We are not saying that we all need to be breeding show Champions however, anyone serious about breeding should do so with an eye towards improving the current dogs in some way and with an eye on their potential in some venue, whether it be performance, service, the hunt field, etc.

There is no line of living creatures totally free of genetic problems, including humans, but the occurrence of health issues can be clearly decreased by raising the dog on a raw species appropriate diet and heath testing along with careful and discerning breeding. A lot of study goes into researching pedigrees, but what is also important to us, is that the dog is of sound temperament and intelligence as well.

We believe the Standard Poodle should be versatile and we hold to the highest standards for health, temperament, type, structure, longevity & workability.

Our approach to life is natural, holistic, gentle and back-to-the-earth. Natural Rearing of our dogs harmonizes with this beautifully, seamlessly! Our application of holistic methods of raising and caring for our Poodles sets us apart from other breeders.

Our dogs have always been our - teachers, soul-mates, bringers of daily joy, and dearest of companions. It is our hope that when you adopt one of our Standard Poodles that you will realize the same joy and companionship from them that we have.

Here is what Natural Rearing means at Genteel Standard Poodles

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Dr Jeannie (Jeanette) Thomason

Genteel Standard Poodles
Naturally Reared for a Healthier Future

Northern California

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