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Healthy Doggie Delicacies
Wholesome, Nutritional Treats 

Freeze Dried Meat Treats

Misc Grain Free Treats

Digestible Chew Treats

(freeze dried)

164_0.gifFreeze Dried Chicken Liver- !   4oz    $9.44

  • USDA approved free range pure freeze dried chicken liver American small farm free range chicken   4oz    $9.44


164_0.gifFreeze Dried Lamb Liver- !   4oz    $9.44

  • USDA approved free range New Zealand PURE lamb liver,  Great Training Treat. USDA approved!   4oz    $9.44


Freeze Dried U.S. Beef Liver

  • Organic USDA approved free range pure beef liver    (1" cubes)    4oz  $9.44



To order any of the following products, just click on the underlined product name.


Fastrack Canine Digestive Treat

  • A tasty, grain free treat that provides beneficial, health-promoting bacteria, FOS, vitamin E and linoleic acid.

    1 60-treat bag $24.25
    6 bags/case $126.40




Lakse Kronch Salmon Dog Treats

  • Naturally rich in protein, omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. This helps give your pet a beautiful shiny coat and an improved, active life. Lakse Kronch Treats are a pure, natural product containing no preservatives, Ethoxyquin, artificial coloring, or flavoring. These treats have a natural fish flavor dogs love!

    6.2 oz. Bag $3.99
    1.75 lb. Bag $10.99  



Dogswell Functional Dog Treats Mellow Mutt


Great jerky type treat for nervous, scared or anxious dogs, these all natural treats are made with lavender and hops to help your pup maintain a peaceful lifestyle. Grain Free, no hormones, antibiorics, fillers or byproducts.! 

5 oz. $6.99
5 oz. 6-pk $34.49
15 oz. $17.99


(The best alternative to Greenies and junk food)

Bones Galore Free Range Bully Sticks & Braided Bully Sticks Braided Bully Sticks  

  • Bones Galore bully sticks come from free-range cattle that graze the plains of Brazil, not feed-lot cattle from the U.S. No hormones or antibiotics are given to these cattle. These 100% natural bully sticks are great for serious chewers and can last for days. Great for the teeth and jaw muscles as well as providing added nutrients.
    Choose from regular or braided bully sticks, 6" or 12", singles, 10, 25 or 50 packs!

    ZiwiPeak Good Dog Deer Antler 

  • These naturally raised New Zealand Deer Antlers are minimally processed and unlike some other dog chews, they don't stink when your dog chews them! Naturally-fallen deer antlers are received from registered New Zealand deer farmers, washed in fresh, potable water and cut into dog-sized pieces. Each antler treat is soaked for a minimum of 2 hours in 5% salt solution, then soaked and rinsed in fresh, potable water and dried in a controlled atmosphere. Available in 3 sizes, each deer antler treat measures approximately 4 inches long; treats weigh about 1 oz (small), 1.75 oz (medium) or 2.5 oz. (large). Also available in 5-packs. Shapes and coloration varies.

    Bravo Dried Beef Trachea Natural Dog Chew

  • BRAVO! Dried beef trachea is a fantastic natural treat that helps clean teeth and is a natural source of Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosamine for strong healthy joints. Bravo treats and chews are made in their own USDA-inspected plant using human grade beef. This treat is exceptional in quality and superior to other trachea products on the market. It is air-dried and varies in length between 10-12." Dogs love them, and they offer a great alternative to their usual chew treats