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Finding An Animal/Veterinary Naturopath

Veterinary Naturopaths:
Jeannie Thomason, V.N.D.
Phone or email consultations available.

Kim Bloomer, V.N.D.
Phone or email consultations available.

Find Natural Animal Heatlh Care Practioniers, Schools & Events:

Naturally Complementary

Educational, Natural Pet Care Sites

Aromatherapy For Animals
The use of essential oiis for health & healing of our animals

Pet Wellness Update
Dedicated to Rabies Medical Exemption Nationwide. Be sure to sign the petition to Exempt Sick & Senior Pets from Rabies Shots HERE

Animal Talk Naturally
A website & blog with downloadable audios and videos of experts educating on natural health care for our pets.

Why Feed Raw? Myths of Raw Feeding, etc.

Dog Trainers/Behaviorists

Sandra Mannion Dog Training
Specializing in motivational training for dogs and their owners in the San Francisco Bay area.

UNIQUE Natural Animal Heatlh Products

Mammal Mama
Mammal Mama creates products for all lactating animals with certified organic herbs that are effective in increasing milk supply.

These nourishing all natural formulas for lactating animals are a safe and effective way to give nature that helping hand!

Online Groups/Forums on Natural Animal Health

Natural Health Care For Dogs
A Yahoo, email forum/group of passionate members interested in natural care for their dogs

PODCASTS focusing on Natural Pet Care
Animal Talk Naturally
An exciting and educational, LIVE,call-in radio show about caring for our pets "natrually".
Along with weekly guests, Dr.Kim and Dr.Jeannie hit on some controversial subjects including:
Big Pharma, Kibble vs.Raw feeding, Are Vaccines doing more harm then good?, etc.

Misc. Links of Interest For Animal Lovers

Graceful Art Ministry
Lovely Paintings of your pets, family and or home in graphite, colored pencil or oils.

About the Artist:
On August 5, 2003, Diane Green fell from the back of a Polaris Ranger while riding through the woods behind her house. Although she broke 2 bones in her neck and was paralyzed for a while, she has now learned how to use both hands; ?I use whichever hand will work the best at the time? she says. Diane gives God the credit for healing her and giving her ?more joy and appreciation for life than ever.?
"This joy and appreciation for life comes shining through in her lovely work!"
Dr Jeannie Thomason

PetSits.Com Pet Sitter Resource & Directory
Pet Sitting Business Startup-Kit with Forms, Guides, Marketing items, Listing & More.