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Organic Beds

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Organic Blankets


Organic Slumber Beds


Treat your best friend right with a 100% certified organic pet bed, a much healthier alternative to synthetic covered, cedar-filled beds.

These organic pet beds are filled with 100% certified organic cotton and organically grown buckwheat hulls sewn inside separate chambers, then covered with an 10 oz. organic cotton cover. The separate chamber design allows pets to customize their bed to their own special shape, and ensure years of comfort. The smaller round bed (great for cats or very small dogs) is constructed with an outer ring of 100% natural rubber.

Included with each bed is a removable washable cover made from heavy-duty colorgrown organic cotton canvas in an attractive sage green color.

Organic Pet Beds are available in three sizes:

Round: For pets under 20 lbs. 20" diameter Wt. 7 lbs.
Small: For pets up to 40 lbs. 28" x 32" Wt. 14 lbs.
Large: For pets up to 120 lbs. 36" x 48" Wt. 28 lbs.

Just as synthetic materials in bedding and mattresses outgas in human beds, these same materials can be hazardous to our pets. Research has found that the aromatic oils found in red cedar can be the cause of respiratory or allergic reactions in small animals. Add a cover made with synthetic fabrics colored with chemical dyes, and you may be providing your pet with unhealthy sleeping quarters.

Treat your pet to one of these healthy, attractive and durable beds and you and your pet will both sleep soundly!

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Jax & Bones Organic Beds

The finest in organic comfort! Made from non-toxic dyes imported from Germany that produce the best color while compiling with the GOTS standards. Fabric is dyed, processed, and sewn in the USA and is 100% machine washable. Allergy free and is filled with Jax & Bones signature eco green fiber, Sustaina™ fill.

*No Color Fast Agents
*No Wrinkle-Free Agents or Fire Retardants
*No Dangerous Chemicals

Available Sizes:

Square Design
Small: 25x25x3
Medium: 30x30x4
Large: 36x36x4

Available Designs:
100% Organic Flight Design: Enjoy this print of fanciful silhouettes of butterflies dancing on an earl grey damask background. Machine washable and made with 100% organic cotton canvas.

100% Organic Capri Design: This is Jax and Bones signature Organic print in a chocolate and beige damask print. Fabric is 100% organic and made and processed in the USA using non toxic, safe dyes.

For more information and to order:

Hemp Beds

These 100% eco-friendly hemp beds from Harry Barker use a hemp fabric that is made with azo-free dyes, which are non-chemical and earth-friendly. The hypo-allergenic bed inserts are "green fiber" made of recycled post-consumer plastic bottles and are channel quilted to keep the fiber in place. Fabric is removable & machine washable! Made in the USA!

Benefits of Hemp:

*Extremely Durable
*Mildew Resistant
*Grown w/out Pesticides

Hemp Beds are available in Rectangle or Round

Rectangle Bed Sizing:
*Small: 20 x 25"
*Medium: 29 x 36"
*Large: 36 x 44"

Round Bed Sizing:
*Small: 25"
*Medium: 35"
*Large: 45"
*Diameter for all is a 5" gusset

Round: For pets under 20 lbs. 20" diameter Wt. 7 lbs.
Small: For pets up to 40 lbs. 28" x 32" Wt. 14 lbs.
Large: For pets up to 120 lbs. 36" x 48" Wt. 28 lbs.

For more information and to order:

Organic Blankets and Covers

Organic Cotton Quilted Car Seat Cover

These 100% organic cotton, azo-free dyed car seat covers protect your car's interior from dirt and pet hair. Lightly padded, the seat cover stays put with 1" Velcro straps that attach around head rest and bench seat legs. Another 1" nylon safety strap attaches in back at the middle. Machine washable.

Size: 54" x 54"
Colors: Tan and Silver
Harry Barker Commitment:
Harry Barker is a values-based company. They are committed to being a “green trendsetter, producing environmentally conscious products (using organic cotton, hemp, AZO-free dyes, and recycled plastics and polar fleece) since 1997. They also use sustainable packaging, including biodegradable materials. Harry Barker actively seeks to tread lightly on the planet.

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Canine Cooler

With the Canine Cooler Thermoregulating Pet Bed, dogs can have ultimate comfort and the coolest, softest spot in the house year round. Dogs love the cushy, cool, and dry sensation SoothSoft Comfort Technology generates. This fluid-cool, memory foam comfort bed soothes and conforms to each pet's pressure points while cooling at room temperature. These special features make the Canine Cooler especially great for dogs with bad joints, bad hips, skin disorders and other similar ailments. Maintenance free, this bed is easily wiped clean and does not allow fleas or ticks to burrow and lay eggs.

Available in three sizes:
Small: 18" x 24" $59.99
Medium: 24" x 36" $79.99
Large: 36" x 48" $119.99