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Does your dog have digestion problems, diarrhea, skin problems, allergies, food intolerances, or other chronic health problems?

I am sure a lot of you have heard the saying that “Death begins in the colon." Did you know that a disruptive ecology of the gastrointestinal tract may cause up to ninety percent of all known illness and disease?

High quality probiotics will restore your pet’s healthy gut flora, and greatly improve your pet's health.

A probiotic is sometimes referred to as good or friendly bacteria, is a microorganism necessary for a healthy and balanced intestinal tract. There are two types of bacteria found in the intestinal tract, good and harmful bacteria. Good bacteria, or probiotics, ensure good health as they are absolutely vital to help:

1. Produce natural antibiotics, which can fight harmful bactera
2. Regulate and increase hormone levels
3. Manufacture B group vitamins, biotin and folic acid
4. Stimulate the immune system
5. Reduce food intolerance
6. Increase energy levels
7. Inhibit the growth of some yeast
8. Absorb nutrients, antioxidants and iron from food that is eaten
9. Reduce inflammation
10. Increase digestibility of food
11. Enhance Immune Function

Several things can destroy the intestinal bacterial balance in a pet’s gut. One of them is feeding commercial/processed dog food. Food enzymes begin the process of digestion in the stomach. If there are no live enzymes present in the food, the body must produce additional digestive enzymes resulting in fewer metabolic enzymes.

If you feed your dog a diet containing at least 80% raw foods, then you're providing most of these vital enzymesin the diet alone. Congratulations!

Please be aware that cooking your dog's food or the processing of any food above 118 degrees Fahrenheit destroys all the food enzymes. If your dog's diet consists mainly of cooked or processed foods,i.e. kibble or canned food, then the dog's store of metabolic enzymes will have to be converted into digestive enzymes. The lack of live food enzymes then puts a heavier burden on the body to generate adequate enzymes to complete digestion, thus putting a heavy toll on the digestive system, pancreies and immune system.

Supplementing with a good probiotic and enzymes is essentialwhen not feeding raw meat.

Over-use of antibiotics also destroys good bacteria as well as bad. Moreover, stress, poor diet, pollutants, environmental changes, and prescription drugs can also deplete beneficial bacteria. These factors allow harmful bacteria to multiply and produce large amounts of toxins and carcinogenic agents. These toxins inhibit the normal function of the digestive system and increase the demands placed on the liver and kidneys. Consequently, this speeds up the aging process and leads to various diseases and digestion problems.

Pets with large amounts of beneficial bacteria are better equipped to fight the growth of unhealthy organisms. So, if pets are to maintain a healthy immune system, they need large quantities of friendly bacteria. Supplement a well-balanced diet with a high quality pet probiotics and give your pet the health that she/he most certainly deserves.

The Whole Dog is proud to carry Conklin Fastrack® Products.

Fastrack® Probiotics are the #1 best selling probiotic on the market. They are available for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Livestock and even People!

Fastrack® products are a powerful food supplement containing live, viable, naturally occurring microorganisms and digestive enzymes. This blend was created for daily supplemental use with animals of all ages and designed to optimize the health of your dog's digestive tract and immune system

The unique combination of natural, live lactic acid-producing bacteria, FOS, yeast, enzymes, vitamins and specialized proteins in the Fastrack® products helps to ensure a healthy digestive tract; enhancing the immune system and defending against pathogenic agents in the digestive tract. Specifically the health-promoting Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium in the animal's small and large intestines utilize FOS.

ONLY Fastrack® Canine Gel has specialized proteins that act as antibodies against Parvo, Rota, corona virus', E. Coli 88 and E. Coli 99!

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*Fastrack® Canine Microbial Supplement

Fastrack® Canine Microbial Gel

Fastrack® Canine Digestive Treats

*Fastrack Canine Microbial Supplement contains both probiotics and enzymes lacking in the cooked foods most people feed thier pets. (kibble or canned commercial pet food)

Supplementing with a good probiotic and enzymes are necessary when not feeding raw food.

Order Here:

*Fastrack® Canine Microbial Supplement

Fastrack® Canine Microbial Gel

Fastrack® Canine Digestive Treats

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"Breeding, whelping, showing and heavy training can alter  food intake and increase a dog's susceptibility to disease-causing organisms."

"Enhancing the growth of beneficial
bacteria boosts the performance of
healthy animals."

"Research indicates that lactic acid-
producing bacteria heighten 
immune function at the
digestive tract and whole-system

"The lactic acid-producing bacteria
could inhibit diarrhea-causing
microorganisms, and can aid
the puppy in the absorption of

Important Disclaimer: I have provided these articles/information as a source of reference. I cannot be held responsible for misadventure from the misuse of the products featured or any therapeutic method mentioned within this Website. If there is any doubt regarding any treatments or products mentioned, then please consult a qualified Holistic Veterinarian.