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"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." -- Unknown

Let me start out by saying that Boston Terriers are special dogs that can do special things. They are highly intelligent and learn quickly. They do very well in Obedience, Therapy work, Agility and Flyball and even Weight pulling! Bostons excel in many roles. A Boston Terrier can be a child's rough and tumble best buddy, or a senior citizen's soulmate and confidante. Most of all they excell at being your "best friend"!

However, they are not for everyone.

Bostons require a lot of time and attention. They are and have been bred to be companions. They will langusih without human contact. They are not "outside" dogs!

Boston Terriers can be very active dogs that love to play. While they also love to sit and cuddle, without some basic training they may jump on you, scratch your legs and maybe even give little love nips while playing. Sadly, some Bostons have been given up for adoption or dropped off at the local shelter just for these very reasons.

Boston Terriers can also be prone to some health problems, many of which can require expensive Veterinary attention. If you would like to know more about some of these health problems, please visit Boston Terrier Club of America's Health Committee.

We are NOT trying to discourage you from having a Boston Terrier, We just want you to be aware as we have helped to rescue and place a few of these wonderful little creatures and do not want to end up needing to "rescue" any more; these dogs are very special and deserve only the best of care.

Please buy ONLY from a reputable breeder that has health clearances on their dogs.

Here are just a few Boston Terriers pictured doing what they like to do best (which is to please people).

This is Rio and Irish doing Pet Assisted Therapy work at a Nursing Home.

Rio and Irish are owned by Roie.

"Rio is a 10 year old male who is a real character and was used a a therapy dog at a nursing home while he was a puppy. Rio has been featured on a promo video with a professional women's volleyball team in Mexico and he acted as a therapy dog at a local orphanage for abused & abandoned children."

"Irish is a 8 year old female. Irish is my beautiful multi-champion and certified therapy dog. Irish has been in a TV commercial and a TV documentary about her therapy work." says thier proud owner.

This is Doc doing Fly Ball Racing.

Doc is owned by "Brandy Bostons". Go check out their web site and learn more about them and how to get you dog into Flyball and Agility too.

Here is JeanE's Mr Donovan RN, AX, AXJ, O-OAC, O-OCC, O-OJC, TN-E, WV-E, TG-O, FFX-AP doing Agility

Did you know there were Bostons who competed in Weight pulling??? Yup! Take a look at this!

This is Missy,"UWP Kismet Joham's Princess Leia CGC", she is also reg with AKC and UKC. UWP means United Weight Puller and is the first weight pull title in UKC. She also pulls with IWPA sometimes. For more information on Weight Pulling and more about Missy, go to: Kismet Kennel

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