For our members, our mission is to provide THE premier association for Natural Rearing Breeders by providing support, education, information and increased positive community exposure as well as an internal network for referrals. Provide an external network to promote natural rearing breeders and the community of professionals dedicated to providing natural health alternative treatments for dogs.

For the dog community our mission is to bring an awareness of the benefits of natural rearing and of complementary health treatments and preventative programs promoting health and well being for your companion animals. We are also committed to being a resource for natural rearing breeders and selective licensed, certified and/or registered natural health practitioners geared to treating dogs naturally.


To be the most prestigious and influential Natural Rearing Association for Breeders and like-minded professionals that offer alternative health modalities for dogs.

For the Natural Rearing Breeders Association to be synonymous with integrity.
To provide awareness to the dog community as well as provide ongoing educational forums and seminars for our members introducing new modalities that might be integrated into the existing breeding program or present and explain the options for owners interested in raising their dogs naturally.

To become a voice within the community, effecting both legislature and change.
Offer members on-going information and education.
To help educate the general public. This is achieved by our newsletter, Monthly Member Spotlights, Online Radio Shows and Ads as well as other tidbits of information throughout this website and our published material. We will also provide speakers to interested organizations to further their understanding of alternative and complementary treatments.

To your clients, being a member means confidence. To you it means growing numbers of clients and networking.

We are accomplishing our goals by providing you access to Experts in the fields of Natural Veterinary Science and Naturopathy.

Once you join the Natural Rearing Breeders Association, you will have access to articles written by experts, seasoned breeders, and those that are working in the field of raising the standards by which our dogs (and soon cats) are raised and sold in this country.

The Natural Rearing Breeders Association accepts membership only from established breeders who sign and agree to our code of ethics, and registered, licensed and/or certified professionals with verifiable credentials (we do check).

Our mission is to provide a high comfort level to all current and potential clients who recognize that your membership in our prestigious organization ensures a high ‘level of confidence’. Our members are part of a community that stress INTEGRITY in our work as well as with our interaction with our clients and the community

This website will be searchable by over one million search engines and FFA's, etc, potentially providing members with increased exposure through the internet. We will also have print ads, flyers and brochures.

Our first debut issue of ‘Natural Rearing News' newsletter is jam-packed with member listings, advertisements, member spotlight pages, articles, health advice, coupons,and much more! This online publication will be available at many members websites as well as through this website. 'Natural Rearing News' is FREE to all members.

In Fall, 2009 we will introduce our on-line REFERRAL NETWORK system. This will enable members to provide referrals to other NRBA members.

Your voice in the Community...

We are dedicated to keeping our members ‘in the know'. With many changing laws and legislation's that potentially affect breeding and how we do business it is important that all our members understand the law and proposed legislative changes. We are committed to providing our members with pertinent information and are hopeful to provide a united front, which potentially could affect legislature and the validity of complementary medicine.

We Want You...

The most important part of our mission is to unite like-minded individual's dedicated to breeding dogs naturally. Each of us has our own reasons. But, it is not an accident that you are reading this now. You found your way to this website.. Listen to your own inner guidance and if you feel our organization is right for you - please click the join button below.

We invite you to join us. A united front is a solid front. Join us.. and help shape the future of the Natural Rearing Breeders Association. We are only as good as those who choose to join us.

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Membership for breeders and Veterinarians is only $35/year which includes the almanac-like publication.

Pet owners, holistic goomers, trainers, handlers and holistic Doggie Day Care/Boarding facilities can join for $25/year and will have access to the forum, articles, links and the quarterly newsletter.

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The Natural Rearing Breeder's Association (NRBA) carefully checks the validity of all Member's credentials. All members must read, agree to and sign our Code of Ethics. All credentials are checked and validated for NRBA members. However, The Natural Rearing Breeder's Association, nor its founders, officers and members are NOT responsible in any way for any actions of any of its members in either business, professional or personal undertakings. We provide a Directory of Member's Listings and Referrals as a convenience for the dog community and as an aid to our members. We are not recommending any specific member(s) or endorsing any of their methods, treatments or products on this website, or in any of our published material. Use of the Member Section and/or Referrals indicates your understanding and agreement to these terms which are posted on our website



The information contained on this web site is intended as education/information only.
It is not intended to replace your veterinarian. Please use your good judgment.

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