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My name is Dr Jeannie Thomason, I am a veterinary naturopath with a passion and mission to see the beloved Birds (and all of God's creatures) under our stewardship live the long healthy and dignified lives they were created to.

Parrots are highly intelligent, fascinating creatures that have always been a part of my life and most likely you are fascinated with them as well or you would not be here at Natural Bird Care.Org today.

I am often asking myself and others, how we have gotten to the place where we have forgotten that parrots are genetically wild animals, even if they are born in captivity? I personally am not an animal rights advocate however, I personally believe that parrots should not be bred in captivity. While it is true that Parrot's habitats have been and are still is being destroyed, keeping parrots as pets is serious stuff and NOT something to be taken lightly! Birds were grandly designed to fly free and climb and hop from tree branch to branch; keeping a parrot in a cage all day every day, is not a good for them. Neither is feeding them a seed diet or even an all pelleted one!

Since I am not going to stop breeders from breeding birds that statistics show regularly end up being surrendered or abandoned within 1- 5 years (sometimes even less) just because they scream, bite, destroy walls and furniture as well as make big messes(in other words,they are just being themselves - parrots) then I hope to at least help us all to better understand the nature of our Parrots and how to give them the very best care as close to nature as we can. That care should be as "Natural" as possible, as "Holistic" (mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects) as possible to help them live long and happy lives.

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