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Why We Don't Vaccinate

True Natural Rearing involves not using any vaccines, but rather relying on the dog's own natural immune responses and healing ability to get it through a disease cycle, along with the use of holistic (natural) medicinal help, be that herbs,homeopathy, colloidal silver, acupuncutre, chiropractic or any other holistic modality when needed.

Please, let me make this one thing very clear. I am not telling you to stop vaccinating your companion animals. I don't believe that any human being has the right to dictate that sort of thing to another human being. However, I do believe that you have a right to the facts as to why I have not vaccinated my dogs for 15 years and never will.

There is no evidence whatsoever that vaccines of any kind are effective in preventing the infectious diseases they are supposed to prevent. Quite frankly, they have been found to so dis-regulate the immune system that the animal is more suseptable to contracting the very virus they were vaccinated against as well as other disease. Further, adverse effects are amply documented and are far more significant in effecting our pets health than any adverse effects of infectious diseases or viruses.

Purdue University, is conducting a five year study and in 4 years they have found that dogs who have had only one or better yet, NO vaccinations at all are in much better health than the dog that has had boosters annually. If you will research, you will find that there is actually NO science proving vaccinations are effective. In fact, quite the opposite is being proven out over time:

Vaccines DO NOT prevent disease. A healthy Immune system prevents disease.

Vaccines can cause acute and chronic disease and even death in susceptible individuals/dogs.

Vaccines actually cause changes in DNA and RNA and the negative impact is passed on to the next generations.

The distemper virus is no longer found in its "Wild Form." Cases of distemper today are vaccine strains of the disease.

The Rabies vaccine produces the most adverse affects in dogs, with the most common reaction being changes In behavior and/or temperament.

We believe in "Natural Immunity".

All beings have been created with a marvelous immune system. When animals are fed fresh, raw foods, get plenty of exercise and practice natural health care they will thrive and their healh flourish.

Think about it, animals have been around for a very long time and all have done wonderfully until man, thinking he knew better than God, decided he could improve on creation/nature. It was man who began injecting viruses, bacteria, drugs and other poisons directly into the body and it was man who began to manufacture and feed processed, left overs of cereal fines, diseased, dying animals, left over cooking grease and spoiled vegetables to our pets and find a way to fill their pockets at the expense of the animals health and very lives.

All living things were created with the greatest protection of all - an immune system and the reason we have the disorders,disabilities and diseases that exist in the world today is because we abuse the immune system. In general, our animals today are in a very poor state of health due to greed, negligence, ignorance, apathy, all of which lead to the feeding of processed food, abuse of drugs and poisons; consequently, resulting in the suffering of the innocent animals.

We, as natural rearing breeders are working to turn this around.

For more information on vaccinations, listen to the recorded podcasts and webinars on the dangers of vaccinating on Animal Talk Naturally Radio Show

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