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JeanE's Boston Terriers

JeanE's Bostons

Potty Training Your
Boston Puppy

Happy Housetraining

Training Your Puppy To An Indoor Doggie Potty

No More Housetraining Nightmare!

We recommed Wizdog - Indoor Dog Potty

Here are what some of our happy puppy owners have said about the Wizdog Indoor Potty:

"I was looking for one of these!!! Thanks! This is exactly what I needed and have looked for but never found in the stores."
Michele G., San Carlos, CA

"My veterinarian recommends I keep my puppy indoors for the first 6 months until her vaccination schedule is completed. I donít know how I would have done this without my new Wizdog! Thank you for recommending it."
Sondra, TX

"Before I got my puppy, I researched different housetraining methods and saw the Wiz dog product on your web site. I purchased one and began right way using it when he arrived at 10 wks of age. He took to it right away. This product works so well that I proudly share your link with others! THANK YOU for such a GREAT product!!!"
Karen, CA

"My puppy used to shred the newspapers and training pads. With Wizdog, the newspapers stay under the grate and he canít reach them. Problem solved. Thank you."
Matthew M. Los Angeles, CA

"I was fed up with shredded paper or scatterd litter everywhere from my first litter of puppies. What a mess! The Wiz Dog has solved all that mess! With my most recent litter of pups, I just put it right outside the puppies bed/whelping box and they use it with no problem! I will gradually move it further away from their bed as they are getting around more. You have saved me a daily headache of cleaning up after them every time they go! They do not track wet or newspaper ink pawprints back into the whelping box either! Everything is cleaner! Thanks so much!"
Justine, Waco TX