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Our puppies come from RAW fed, minimally vaccinated parents and are weaned onto a species appropriate RAW diet. All our dogs and puppies receive natural care and are naturally raised for ultimate health and longevity. All puppies who remain Naturally Raised and RAW fed in their new homes will come with a 3 year genetic health guarantee and lifetime breeder support.

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About Our Puppies

Our Boston Terriers reflect the hard work, attention & expertise of more than 25 years we bring to breeding in order to offer the best all-round dog we know how to produce.

Our puppies are socialized from the moment they are born, and stimulated using Early Neurological Stimulation" to develop their minds and their bodies. Raised in our home, on our property with lots of supervised play time in the sunshine and fresh air, these are not kennel babies! They receive intense amounts of human contact, and grow up in an enriched environment to maximize their neuro-muscular development.

We breed Boston Terriers mainly for ourselves, both to love and show. However, not every puppy will be show quality, therefore we will usually have a pet puppy available when we have a litter. We do not always have puppies available and we do not breed to sell dogs or make money! In fact, we spend far more than we could ever hope to recover!

Sometimes we may only have one or two litters at most a year however, our goal is to improve on our breed while preserving its unique characteristics. Much work is needed in several areas pertaining to health as well as conformation. The Boston Terrier, like any purebred, has several hereditary health issues such as juvenile cataracts, deafness and luxating patellas (which are also made worse by environment and inadequate nutrition).

Our goal as a steward of the breed is to breed only those dogs that are known to be free of such afflictions while still maintaining the type, temperament and essentially, the true Boston Terrier. Much work goes into each breeding and even more work into each litter. It is a never-ending goal richly rewarded by that sweet puppy breath, that beautiful champion, and that happy new owner.

Although we do participate in conformation shows, ribbons and titles are not more important to us then the health of our dogs. With enough money and persistence, almost any dog can be titled. Like most breeders, we have seen champions we would not consider placing in our breeding program. Our ultimate goal is to produce both typey and truly healthy dogs!

We provide all of our dogs with a natural, biologically, species appropriate and varied raw diet as well as ample exercise and a clean living environment on our 2 acres in the country. We use no chemicals and a very limited vaccination schedule only vaccinating for what is required by law (Rabies) and nothing more . In doing this we will continue to improve the overall health of our Bostons for generations to come.

Buyers of JeanE's Boston Terrier puppies receive lifetime support and friendship from me, and I value those friendships tremendously. I absolutely love getting updates, photos and visits from puppies born here.

If you are looking for a lively, intelligent, healthy companion that meets the Boston Terrier Standard to share your life with you are looking for one of our puppies. If you are interested in an attractive, versatile friend that can do agility or just curl up on your lap and keep you company, consider waiting for one of our puppies.

We do not let puppies go to new homes any earlier then 10 weeks of age and normally not until they are at least 12 weeks old. Puppies that are taken from their litter-mates and other dogs in the household before 10 weeks often have not learned how to be submissive or cautious. Puppies require this time with their litter-mates and adult dogs to learn the skills of getting along with strangers, both human and animals.

Many people, trainers, writers, and your friends may have different ideas about the age a puppy should leave for its new home. One popular idea is that you need to pick up your puppy on day 49 in order to bond properly with the dog. We have found, over the last two decades and many puppy experiences (in our home and the homes of clients), that the longer a young puppy can stay with its litter-mates and the rest of the "pack" (within reason) the better the puppy is socialized and more adaptable with other animals and people outside of the owners.

We require only the most loving homes for our "babies" and encourage new owners to participate in Obedience, conformation, agility, flyball or therapy with their new companions. Bostons excel at all of these activities. We prefer to find homes for our puppies that will provide the same natural care for them that we do, feeding a raw meat and bones diet and minimal to no vaccines. We gladly mentor those who are new to this path. :-).

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If you do not have a fenced yard, or live in the city and would like to train your new puppy to potty in an "indoor potty", we highly recommend the Potty Park

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