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 Dr. Jeanette (Jeannie) Thomason
Doctor of Veterinary Naturopathy and Certified Small Animal Nutritionist

Young Living Essential Oils
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The Power Of Thieves Oil

In the battle against harmful germs, deadly bacteria and viruses, Thieves products provide a full-spectrum overwhelming force to fight microbial enemy combatants on all fronts without the use of harsh chemicals or toxic medicines that destroy the friendly flora in the body.

Whether in the air, on surroundings, or inside or outside the body, Thieves products provide powerful antiseptic action with substances NOT toxic to our pets, ourselves or the environment.

Many studies have shown that certain essential oils are often more effective against germs than harsh chemicals and even drugs like penicillin.

The proprietary Thieves essential oil blend was created based on research into the concoction used by thieves in the 15th century. In 1997, studies conducted at Weber State University showed this EO blend to have a 99.96% success rate against airborne bacteria. The bacteria cultures were sprayed in an enclosed area and Thieves essential oil blend was diffused for a given amount of time.

Research shows that Young Living's Thieves Oil effectively interrupts the life cycle of bacteria and also interferes with the ability of viruses to replicate. Studies also confirmed that most viruses and bacteria cannot live in the presence of many essential oils, including two of the oils found in the Thieves Essential Oil Blend, cinnamon and clove.

This essential oil blend is truly a potent and powerful natural home remedy. It not only strengthens all of the major systems of the body, including the immune and respiratory systems but It also supports the body in fighting off infections and viruses.

Parvo and Distemper are viruses that thrive in compromised immune systems and unsanitary conditions.

Young Living Thieves Oil Blend Ingredients and Properties:
Clove (Syzygium aromaticum), lemon (Citrus limon), cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum), Eucalyptus radiata, and rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis).

The people on the island of Ternate were free from epidemics until the 16th century, when the Ductch conquerors destroyed all the clove trees that flourished on the islands. Many of the islanders died from the epidemics that followed.

Dr. Pierre Franchomme teaches that electronegative essential oils such as Clove and cinnamon make a viral infection less likely to occur by tieing up the positively charged cell receptor sites normally reserved for virus. (Marcy Foley, N.D. Embraced by the Essence, Holistic Wellness Foundation I 200; 189)

has antiseptic-like properties and contains compounds that have been studied for their effects on immune function.

According to Jean Valnet, MD, the vaporised (or diffused) essence of lemon can kill meningococcus bacteria in 15 minutes, typhoid bacilli in one hour, Strphylococcus aureus in two hours and Pneumococcus bacteria within three hours. Even at 0.2% solution of pure lemon oil can kill diphtheria bacteria in 20 minutes and inactivate tuberculosis. (Essential Oils Desk Reference, Second Edition, Second Printing:58)

Cinnamon Bark
Researchers including J. C. Lapraz, M.D., found that viruses could not live in the presence of cinnamon oil. Of 22 volatile oils evaluated, Cinnamon showed the highest activity against the tested bacteria and fungi (

Cinnamon oil caused inhibition of growth of aflatoxin production in Aspergillus Parasiticus, showed inhibitory effect agains respiratory tract pathogens, including some penicillen-resistant strains and proved to be a potent fungitoxicant agains fungi which cause respiratory tract mycoses. (

a key ingredient in many antiseptic mouth rinses. Often used for the respiratory system.
antimicrobial and antioxidant effects. Eucalyptus globules scores 24,157 on the antioxidant ORAC scale contains a high percentage of the compound eucalyptol, Extracts from Eucalyptus globulus wood hydrolysates were active for inhibiting bacteria and yeast growth, with MIC in the range of 10(2)--5 x 10(3) microg/mL and MBC in the range of 10(3)--0(5) microg/mL

supports respiration
Rosemary possesses a good degree of activity against bacteria, filamentous fungi and yeasts, it shows a positive fungicide activity (

We only recommend Young Living Essential Oils because of their guaranteed purity and safety (even labeled safe enough to be taken internally as a supplement). Young Living Essential Oils is truly a company that is trustworthy and reliable. They have only the highest quality therapeutic grade oils that are backed by documented research. These are the essential oils I have used in home with family and pets and have been trusting and using them for over thirteen years. The natural therapeutic benefits we share on this site are only from using Young Livings' therapeutic grade essential oils.

*Please see the Scientific Abstract Summary of Thieves Powerful Ingredients chart


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I am a Natural Rearing Breeder and as such, do not use chemicals on or around my dogs or in my kennel or home. Before I came to know the dangers of chemical household cleaners I would use bleach to kill all the bacteria on my counters after preparing meat for my dogs and on my floors where my bitches were housed when in whelp.

I was doing a search on natural anti-bacterial and natural cleaning products and found Thieves household cleaner on your website. Since using it for the last three years, I have found it to be beyond amazing for cleaning and disinfecting. I have noticed a better conception rate in my bitches and have not had one sickly or weak litter in these three years. I would from time to time have bitches NOT conceive and or lose litters in past, never thinking or linking it to the chemicals I was using. At the time I thought I was doing so well to be feeding raw and minimally vaccinating my dogs and puppies. I have learned a lot over the past few years and want to think you so much for sharing this wisdom with me and especially for having this wonderful information available on Thieves oil products from Young Living.

Linda S

I met Dr. Jeannie at a dog show and had commented on how beautiful her dogs were and we struck up a conversation about raw feeding and using essential oils instead of chemicals when it came to cleaning and balancing the immune system.

I used to wash my dog's paws in a disinfectant solution and spray my shoes with bleach upon returning from dog shows for fear of bringing home a "bug". I now use Thieves waterless hand cleaner on my dogs feet and the Thieves wipes on my shoes. It is nice to know that Young Living makes such pure and effective essential oils to replace the chemicals in my home and kennel!

Mary R