Walk In Sync

The Easiest and Most Humane Way to Walk and Train Your Dog

Are you unable to take your dog all the places you want to go because of:

Over-enthusiasm when greeting other dogs or people
Your dog leading you

We all know how important it is to train our pets from the moment they enter our lives. Because we love them, our intent is to keep them safe and happy, while we do our best to socialize them, integrate them into the family and teach them good manners.

However, even with the best of intentions, the sad facts are that 8 out of 10 dogs are being re-homed or euthanized in the United States despite the increases in dog training participation.


Many of the popular training methods used today do not really work because they rely on bribery or force and do not develop trusting and respectful relationships to enhance your dog’s innate ability to easily follow your judgment as the leader of the pack! And none of these training tools assist you in teaching your dog how to properly harness their energy in a totally humane and pain free manner.

Go into any pet store and you’ll find the traditional material collars, metal choke chains, neck collars, prong collars and shock collars. It’s been proven that each of these archaic tools can have possible negative effects on your dog’s throat, trachea, neck, spine, eyes and emotional states, and none of them were designed to truly honor the unconditional love, respect and care our dogs and puppies deserve.


The Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System is the quickest and easiest, ergonomically correct method that offers your dog a totally humane (pain and choke free) new type of training tool that works in literally just a few minutes!!

We’re taking dog and puppy training into the 21st century.

No more choking, pinching or shocking your dog to get their attention. It’s literally pain free for your dog and stress free for you!

The revolutionary, patented Walk In Sync™ Harness and Accu-Grip Leash, gives you everything you need to train your dog to stop pulling, and walk correctly with you, in just 3 Easy Steps. Now you can teach your dog or new puppy how to walk on a leash easily and in perfect harmony with you, without ever choking or harming their physical structure.

The Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System gives you all the tools (Walk In Sync™ Harness, Accu-grip Leash and Walk In Sync™ 3 Easy Step Training Videos) you need to create a happy, healthy, well mannered, well socialized, thinking dog who gracefully learns to master their own energy in just minutes.

Think of how exciting it will be to tell everyone how easy and convenient it was to train your new dog in minutes GUARANTEED!

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