~JeanE's Boston Terriers~

Naturally Reared Boston Terriers

Species Appropriate Foods (SARF)

JeanE's Boston Terriers are fed a SARF diet, puppies are weaned to a SARF diet. We have come to the point in our breeding program where we do not vaccinate at all.

Puppies placed with their new owners are requested to keep up the SARF diet and the no vaccination regime or limited vaccinations. New owners usually continue the diet and the no vaccination regime as most of them have had Boston Terriers before that have died from cancer, kidney disease, autoimmune disease, or something else just as horrible. They are getting a brand new JeanE's Boston Terriers puppy, who besides being bred to conform to the breed standard, was also bred for health and strength, plus temperament and brains, and these new owners want to keep that puppy in good health for as long as it lives.

To give you some idea as to how the diet is fed and how homeopathic nosodes are used I have included two separate articles for you. Bones & Raw Food and Homeopathy.

The scientific research, my own experience and anecdotal information has shown me that it's easier to tweak a SARF diet for some diet deficiencies than to have to cope with dogs who have chronic and/or deadly diseases. I've had to cope with the deadly diseases in the past and it's heartbreaking to watch these magnificent dogs die because of it. I also blame myself, because I fed commercial dog foods and had my dogs into the veterinarian for their annual vaccinations. Now, it's wonderful looking into the bright, sparkling, and mischievous eyes of my dogs, with big smiles when their pan of raw chicken thighs or ground organ meats and sprouts is placed in front of them.

Feeding the SARF diet does require a small amount of extra time and effort. However, I figure I'm spending my time packaging raw meaty bones instead of waiting in the veterinarian's office. Would I ever go back and raise my Bostons as the general public have been programmed to believe? That commercial food and vaccinations are the only way? No Way!, my Boston Terriers deserve only the best from me, as they always give me their best. I also think the people that purchase my puppies also deserve to get a puppy naturally reared.

Natural Rearing

Natural Rearing is a term coined by the great pioneer in natural feeding & rearing practices, Juliette de Bairacli Levy. Her books are available in our "Whole Dog Book Store" .

The method is as old as mother nature herself. It basically requires that your animals be fed a diet as close as possible to the one they would have in the wild. Along with this includes living in a pack environment, on clean ground, having plenty of free access to fresh air, sunshine, clean, pure drinking water and plenty of free running exercise. Bitches raise and wean their puppies on their own schedule and along with this goes the all important disciplinary lessons taught by the dam to her pups! It is a natural method of learning canine/pack social skills and is extremely important in the formation of stable temperament!

I have found Natural Rearing amazingly easy to do and once embarked down this pathway, decided to never go back to commercial feeding or rearing practices ever again.

This method simply involves the feeding of raw meats, bones, with the occassional finely pureed greens, organ meats, kelp, fish oil and occasional herbal additions.

You will notice, as you go through some of our web sites devoted to N.R.(Natural Rearing) that there are many different ideas and attitudes about "how" and "what" to feed. There are those of us who advocate feeding only meat & vegetable matter with absolutely NO grains or dairy whatsoever. Others advocate a variety of everything....it has been my experience that one method for one dog is not necessarily good for another. Each dog, like each person, is an individual, with his/her own metabolism and chemical makeup. Some dogs will thrive on just meat, bones & occassional vegetables, others may do better on more veggies and fruit in the diet.

Canines in the wild will often eat the digestive tract of thier prey and therefore some of it's contents. This is their "veggie matter nutrient" feeding. They will also pick and eat berries in season which are within reach of them. They also eat carrion with relish. When no fresh prey is available, canines will clean up what is laying around rotting! They are also avid berry pickers! Mine will help themselves to the strawberries and black berries as they are allowed.

When we first embarked on this "adventure" in feeding I had been studying and read everything I could hands on. I was a licenced Vet Tech and took great intereste in canine nutrition. I recall how nervous I was at first feeding this way but, at the same time, such a peace as I knew it was the "right" way for me and my dogs. God's way, Mother Nature's way. What was difficult for me was not have a supportive Veterinarian at the time. I not only switched my feeding methods, I also switched the whole approach to rearing dogs and got rid of any and all chemical household cleaners, air freshners, flea preventitives, etc.

Over the years we have tried many different methods and ingredients, opting basically for as much variety as was possible for us....variety is very important to our dogs diet. Dogs are naturally known as "opportunistic" feeders...they prefer meat usually, but will take the opportunity to eat anything else they come across which is edible! (But of course, you already know that because your dog sits and begs at your feet for a piece of banana or apple or carrot! Right?) Basically our guys get a variety of meats (fowl, beef, mutton, with some fish once or twice a month...fowl being chicken, or turkey (duck when we can find it reasonably priced or a hunter friend shares with us) with pureed vegetables (alfalfa and clover sprouts or other dark leafy greens) and/or fruits once or twice a month. They also get additions of vitamin C, kelp, various herbs, apple cider vinegar occasionally when needed, garlic occasionally when needed, a vitamin/mineral supplement for elderly or recovering dogs, extra virgin olive oil, Fish oil, etc. I find the overall health of our dogs is superb, they recover quickly from injuries, are not prone to disease states and have bountiful energy and vitality. Our Holistic Veterinarian is also very pleased with our animals' overall health.

We personally feel that N.R. is an optimal method of feeding and rearing (nutrients being very easily absorbed) which raises the animals overall general health which in turn means the animal's immune system will work at an optimal level as well.

There is a greater awareness among pet owners these days. The areas of health and nutrition are of utmost importance in caring for your companion animal. We want to help educate others so that we can all be more informed and take our animals health and long life into our own hands.

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